DelCoED makes good use of grant dollars by encouraging a simple switch

In October, The Delaware County Energy District ( (DelCoED) received $700 in special grant funds from the Greater Delaware County Community Foundation.

A portion of the grant funds were used to purchase LED light bulbs for the Delaware County Food Pantry holiday basket project. Theisen’s Home, Farm and Auto Store in Dyersville also donated 200 LED bulbs to the project.

Compared to a traditional incandescent light bulb  LED’s are 75 times more efficient and last 15 times longer. An LED bulb, over the course of its lifetime of 13 yrs, saves users $83.50/bulb and reduce carbon emissions by 765kWh/bulb!

The DelCoED is dedicated to building strong communities by facilitating equitable access to local and clean energy. Every year millions of dollars flow out of our county to pay for energy use.  The locally led DelCoED understands when community members spend less on energy costs they have more to spend in the local communities.

In its effort to provide equitable access to clean energy, the DelCoED  targets underserved, priority populations specifically low income residents, senior citizens, veterans and those living with disabilities.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, DelCOED Vice-Chair, Megan Thul spearheaded the distrbution of 800 LED bulbs to the 400 recipients of the Delaware County Food Pantry’s holiday baskets.

“When building community it makes sense to first help those who are in the most need.” said Thul.

Megan Thul DelCOED

After the first of the year, permanent LED light bulb swap stations will be established at local food pantries and other sites throughout the county. Resident will be encouraged to swap up to four incandescent or CFL bulbs to swap for four energy-saving LEDs, for free!