Looking for Clean Energy Advocates!

The Delaware County Energy District is looking for new members in several positions!

We are actively seeking Board/Committee Members (and a potential position for Program Manager based on experience).

Local energy districts are full of diverse people who are passionate about clean energy, and are willing to champion the cause for the common good. Our board members range in profession, age, geography, and socioeconomic status. Our board strives to maintain gender balance and are inclusive, welcoming a range of voices!  Energy district board members are conservationists, clean energy professionals, local business leaders, farmers, landlords, climate activists, represent marginalized groups and more! Most importantly, they are connected, and have strong, positive community-based relationships, which give them important leverage to advance the energy district’s mission.

Above all, CCED board members love their communities, and strongly believe the right thing is to actively lead the inclusive, clean energy transition. 

Does this describe you? Are you looking for a way to make a difference and serve the common good in a tangible way? If so we want you to join us! Email info@delawarecounty.energydistrict.

The Delaware County Energy District (DelCoED) is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening our community through inclusively leading, accelerating and implementing the clean energy transition.

The DelCoED has a three-pronged community-building mission:

  • To positively affect the local economy by retaining energy dollars in Delaware County.
  • To slow climate change by promoting wise energy use.
  • To include everyone.