The Delaware County Energy District Encourages Recycling Old Holiday Lights & Replacement with LED Lighting

The Delaware Clean Energy District encourages residents to recycle old, broken, or unwanted holiday lights and switch to a more efficient LED brand. LED (light emitting diode) lights look and act just like incandescent bulbs but use 90% less energy. In addition, with no filament, LED string lights, even after hours of use, produce little to no heat.  While incandescent bulbs may have hundreds of hours of expected life, the LED equivalents estimate a lifespan of thousands of hours. In addition, because they do not produce heat the LED lights are less of a risk for causing a fire.

LED lights are safer, cost much less to operate, last for 1000’s of hours and emit far less carbon. 

The recycling process is done by separating the insulating plastic surrounding the valuable copper, brass, and glass. The byproducts are then used to make other objects like new wire, pipes, or pulverized into “fluff” which is then mixed with topsoil. 

Through early January 2019 look for a collection container at  the following countywide holiday light collection sites:

  • City Hall, Earlville
  • City Hall, Hopkinton
  • Wulfekuhle Electric, Delhi
  • Delhi City Library
  • Community Savings Bank, Edgewood
  • Norby’s Farm & Fleet, Manchester
  • Palmer Hardware, Manchester